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On this page you will find answers to the questions most frequently asked by clients seeking assistance from staff at the centre. Please feel free to email us if you have a question which hasn't been answered here. Just click on 'contact us' in the left column menu to send us your question or else call us direct on 02 49263000 (within Australia).

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What type of treatment do you provide at the centre? At NSWADTC we provide evidence based best practice therapies for anxiety disorders and depression. This means that the methods we use are founded in what well designed scientific research trials have determined provide the optimum treatment results. For anxiety disorders and depression the best evidenced treatment is cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT). CBT is an approach that combines different behavioural and cognitive techniques in a specific combination suited to the disorder and symptoms you are experiencing. Click here to find out more about CBT.

Do I need a referral from my doctor to obtain treatment at the centre? You do not need a referral from your doctor in order to make an appointment at the centre although many of our clients are referred directly by their doctor or other health professionals. If you do obtain a referral from your doctor this can enable you to a medicare rebate for up to 10 visits to your psychologist per year. Staff at NSWADTC recognise the importance of your relationship with your doctor and in this regard we are pleased to communicate with your GP in relation to your treatment at the centre and how we may act to support your recovery from anxiety and depression. Alternatively, your contact with staff at the centre can remain strictly confidential except under exceptional circumstances (see privacy statement).

How long will I need to attend treatment? The duration of treatment needed depends on a number of factors including the type of anxiety you are experiencing (eg panic attacks, obsessive compulsive disorder); how long you have been experiencing symptoms; whether there are any other disorders present (eg eating disorder); whether or not you are taking medication; whether you wish to eliminate medication use and whether or not you are well motivated to practice the exercises shown to you. Successful elimination of anxiety and depression symptoms can be achieved in as few as 6 consults or as many as 20. As a guide, a standard CBT program conducted at the centre for panic disorder without significant agoraphobia takes 10 to 12 consults.

What times are staff available for consultation? NSWADTC is open for client consultations from 9.00am to 6.00pm Monday to Saturday. Appointments may also be made outside of these times if needed including Mondays. No Sunday appointments are available at this time.

Will staff do home visits? At NSWADTC we recognise that conditions such as agoraphobia can stop you from being able to make it in to the centre to receive treatment. Under circumstances such as these home visits can be arranged. Often many of our clients with agoraphobia can, however, make it in to see us if brought in by a friend or family member. If preferable telephone consultations can also be arranged and it is envisaged that NSWADTC will also soon be able to provide live internet based consultations. Click on the 'enquire about telephone & internet consultations' button to hear more about these options.

How much does treatment at the centre cost? The fee recommended by the Australian Psychological Society (see link at bottom of page) for a one hour consultation with a psychologist is currently $235.00. At NSWADTC this fee is charged for services provided to organisations. Our standard individual consult fee is $170.00 per hour or $140.00 per hour if you are unemployed or in receipt of a pension. Under the new federal government 'Better Access to Mental Health Care' initiative you may now be eligible to receive up to ten consults per year from a registered psychologist paid in part by Medicare. To take advantage of this scheme you need to make an appointment with your doctor who will assess your eligibility and make a referral. Under this type of referral you will be rebated $84.80 by Medicare per consultation, which means that our reduced rate the cost to you of attending consults would be $55.20/consult. In some cases treatment at NSWADTC may also be obtained at no cost to you, for example if treatment is being provided as part of accident or workers compensation insurance, you are a victim of crime or a war veteran. Private health funds also offer rebates. Contact staff at the centre to discuss which fees would apply to you.

If due to severe financial hardship you are unable to pay this fe,e please discuss the issue with your psychologist. Under certain circumstances our psychologists will be able to provide you with a free service by bulk billing yourconsult to Medicare

How may I pay for treatment at the centre? You may pay by cash, cheque, eftpos, Visa, Mastercard or Amex.

Will my treatment be provided individually or in a group? Your treatment will be provided individually and by the same Psychologist for the duration of your program. You may however, bring a friend or family member to your consultations if you wish. In most cases individual therapy has been shown to provide better treatment outcomes than group treatment as the time spent is tailored specifically to your individual treatment needs. An exception to this rule exists in the case of social anxiety disorder wherein structured group therapy can assist in improving treatment outcomes (particularly when conducted toward the end of individual treatment). With this in mind staff at NSWADTC are currently taking expressions of interest in conducting structured group therapy for social anxiety. Please make contact if you or a friend/family member may have an interest in joining social anxiety treatment group.


Your questions haven't been answered fully here? Email us your question or call 02 49263000 (within Australia) to have a staff member assist you further.

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