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NSWADTC was established at Hunter St Newcastle in 2000 following recognition of the need for a professional evidence based specialist anxiety treatment centre. Professional staff at the centre are all registered psychologists and members of the Australian Psychological Society (APS). In order to gain membership to the APS psychologists must undergo a minimum of six years formal training in psychology, guaranteeing that the the treatment you receive will be conducted by staff who are highly trained in understanding human behaviours and emotions. APS psychologists are also governed by a strict code of conduct and professional ethics (click on the APS logo at the bottom of the page to go to the APS web site). Registration with the NSW Psychologists Registration Board also ensures that the treatment you receive from your registered psychologist will meet the highest possible ethical and professional standards.

Confidentiality is strictly maintained by staff at NSWADTC (within the limitations of the law). Both professional and support staff understand the importance of this guiding principle and administration staff are required to sign a non-disclosure confidentiality agreement at the initiation of their employment. (click here to see privacy statement)

Staff at the centre are dedicated to the provision of the most up to date and effective evidence based assistance for the treatment of anxiety disorders and depression. With this in mind, staff regularly review the latest research findings and attend anxiety specific conferences both in Australia and overseas to ensure that you receive the best available treatment information at all times.

At the centre we also try to maintain a comfortable, pleasant atmosphere and surroundings for your treatment environment. Privacy is maintained in a number of ways such as via the waiting room design, which enables you on most occasions to enter and leave without coming into contact with other clients or their families. All consults are conducted individually (although you may bring a friend or relative if you wish) and you will always be assisted by the same psychologist for the duration of your treatment. You can also be assured that you will be treated in a truly respectful and non-judgmental manner at all times. Below we have included a couple of images of the interior of the centre for your convenience. Please feel free to make contact if there is any other information about the centre you would like that is not mentioned here.

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Where Are We? 

Our Address is Level 1/496 Hunter St Newcastle NSW 2300. The map below shows our location. If you have arranged an appointment to see us right click on the map and highlight 'print' to print a copy of the map or 'save picture' to save a copy. To find us head East along Hunter Street (toward the beach). We are on the left, in the block before Civic Train Station and are situated above a wedding boutique.  If you arrive early there is a take away shop diagonally opposite the centre and there are cafes in and near the Civic Theatre for your convenience. An ATM is also located in the Hunter United branch in the Civic theatre buildings and an eftpos service is available at the centre.

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Did you know?

Some estimates have indicated that as many as 96% of people diagnosed with depression are experiencing significant anxiety and that these individuals are at greater risk of suicide than people with depression symptoms alone

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Anxiety Research News

Over 90% of people with bipolar disorder (according to the US National Comorbidity Survey) meet diagnostic criteria for at least 1 anxiety disorder at some point in life.

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Centre News

Under a new federal government initiative you may now be able to receive up to 12 consults per year with a psychologist paid for by medicare. To access this health benefit you need to obtain a referral from your GP under the Better Access Initiative..

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