Telephone and Internet Consultations

Although individual face to face consultation with a psychologist is seen as a preferable method of undergoing treatment for most psychological problems, at NSWADTC we recognise that not everybody is able to get in to see us. For example you may live too far away or are experiencing extreme agoraphobia. You may also not have been able to Example Imagefind someone in your area who specialises in treating anxiety disorders.

For this reason the professional staff at this centre have begun conducting telephone consultations with some clients and we hope in the near future to also be able to provide live internet based consultations using web cams and a broadband connection. Some recent Australian research has indicated that using this technology to provide therapeutic intervention can provide results similar to that provided by programs conducted face to face.

If you would like us to contact you to arrange an appointment for a telephone consultation please email us at and leave your contact telephone number, name and preferred time for us to call. Upon receipt of your request we will email and/or call to arrange a time. Simply cut and paste our email address into your email address book.

Alternatively, you may call us directly by telephone on 02 49263000 between the hours of 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday and 9.00am to 4.30pm Saturdays. Please also feel free to contact our friendly staff if you are uncertain about this treatment method and would just like to hear more, or if you wish to lodge an expression of interest in future internet counselling.


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Some estimates have indicated that as many as 96% of people diagnosed with depression are experiencing significant anxiety and that these individuals are at greater risk of suicide than people with depression symptoms alone

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Over 90% of people with bipolar disorder (according to the US National Comorbidity Survey) meet diagnostic criteria for at least 1 anxiety disorder at some point in life.

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Under a new federal government initiative you may now be able to receive up to 12 consults per year with a psychologist paid for by medicare. To access this health benefit you need to obtain a referral from your GP under the Better Access Initiative..

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