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At NSWADTC we ask clients to complete several standardised symptom assessments (at the beginning and end of treatment) so that we can objectively monitor treatment outcomes.  In addition to these measures we also encourage feedback from all of our clients. We believe that often the best judges of treatment results are our clients. Consideration of academic research findings, our own quantitative assessment statistics and client feedback enables us to maintain the optimum therapeutic practices for our clients.

At the start of treatment clients are given a feedback form and a self addressed envelope. We ask that they complete the form with any constructive positive or negative comments they have about their treatment and post it back at some time in the future with or without identifying themselves (we ask for gender and age). Using this method we have obtained valuable information and comments from our clients. Below is a sample of comments from past clients. These comments are completely candid and not edited in any way.

If you wish to leave feedback regarding your treatment at NSWADTC (or this web site) please email your comments to Please feel free to do this anonymously and please remember, that in addition to any positive comments you may have, constructive critisiscm is also greatly appreciated.

What clients have said about the assistance provided by staff at NSWADTC -

Dear Readers unfortunately due to new Australian legislation passed in 2010, we are now unable to publish any comments from past clients.This new law prohibits registered Australian health professionals from using testimonials in any form of advertising of their servicesAlthough the previously listed feedback comments were genuine the publication of feedback can be viewed as a form of testimonial and as such is now prohibited


If you wish, original copies of past client feedback can be viewed by you at any time if you attend our centre for assistance.


It is also impoprtant to note that if testimonials are offered from other individuals  providing treatment for anxiety or depression, these individuals will either not be appropriately qualified health professionals in Australia and/or they are breaking the law. Stiff penalties now apply for such conduct.


The staff at NSWADTC apologise for any inconvenience caused by the necessary removal of feedback comments.


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